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Oil Spill Litigation

Oil Spill

Zuber & Company LLP is the industry leader in oil spill litigation in Ontario. We have litigated more oil spill cases in the last ten years than virtually any other Canadian firm. We pride ourselves on our numerous trial victories in both defence and prosecution of these claims.

Oil spill litigation is complex. Specialized knowledge of the governing statutory regime, standards of care, and common law are required to ensure that the client’s rights are protected and enforced to the greatest extent of the law. We can help you as an uninsured home and business owner affected by an oil spill.

We have successfully acted for the homeowners in a property damage matter involving a residential oil spill, which went to trial and resulted in a jury award of 1.3 million dollars in damages including the largest general damage jury award in Canada for non-medical damages. The Ontario Court of Appeal upheld this award upon appeal.

We have also successfully acted for oil tank installers, sellers and distributors. We frequently deal with these claims and currently have dozens of these types of claims open.