Joshua Henderson

Joshua Henderson


Joshua Henderson

Joshua is a partner with the firm and practices insurance defence law. His practice focuses on motor vehicle accidents, occupiers’ liability, product liability, CGL claims, commercial disputes, and environmental losses. He has been certified as a Specialist in Civil Litigation by the Law Society of Ontario since 2017.

Joshua has a special interest in trial and appellate work and has been involved in a number of industry changing decisions. He has appeared before the Superior Court and Court of Appeal as lead lawyer numerous times, resulting in over 35 reported decisions.

Joshua received a B.Sc. from Waterloo in 2002, a JD from Osgoode Hall in 2007, and an ALM in Legal Extension Studies from Harvard in 2018. He has taught Constitutional Law at the Southwest University of Political Science in Law in China and the University of Toronto, Faculty of Law (ITLP).


Selected reported Decision:

  • Swatridge v. Winters, 2013 ONSC 5333; 2013 ONSC 7341
    (Acted for the defendant in a three week MVA trial before a jury. The plaintiff was awarded net $0 damages by the judge and jury).
  • Cadieux v. Saywell, 2018 ONCA 903 (second chair)
    (successfully appealed a trial decision and revised the law of accident benefits deductibility in Ontario)
  • Misir v. Pereira, 2018 ONSC 2675
    (defeated the co-defendants motion for summary judgment on a consent to drive issue)
  • Ianneralla v. Corbett, [2017] O.J. No. 1093
    (successfully enforced a settlement agreement and defeated the defendant’s request for a confidentiality agreement)
  • Hammond v. Peabody, 2017 ONSC 4654
    (successfully rebuffed the plaintiff’s motion to pre-emptively strike my client’s summary judgment motion)
  • Hoang v. Vicentini, 2016 ONCA 723 (second chair)
    (successfully rebuffed the plaintiff’s appeal from the trial decision of 0% liability)
  • Jones v. Northstar, 2016 ONSC 1799
    (successfully rebuffed the defendant’s motion for summary judgment)
  • Sweet v. Hennink, 2015 ONSC 2571
    (successfully rebuffed the defendant’s motion for summary judgment)
  • Morgan v. The Economical Insurance Group, 2013 ONCA 369
    (appellate decision concerning plaintiff’s motion to amend statement of claim)
  • R. v. Rados, [2009] O.J. No. 1558
    (lead counsel on 5 day trial)


Selected Publications:

  • Henderson, J.J.A., “Recent Changes to PJI and AB Deductibility by ONCA”, (Spring 2018) The Advocates Journal, 36(4) 21
  • Henderson, J.J.A., “Striking the Civil Trial Jury in Ontario”, (2016) 45 (2) The Advocates Quarterly 286 – 304
  • Henderson, JJ.A. “Pierringer Agreements: Several Liability and Divisibility of Damages”, (2015) 44 (3) The Advocates Quarterly 383 -390
  • Henderson, J.J.A. & Farrow, T.C.W., “The Ethical Development of Law Students: An Empirical Study”, (2009) 72 (1) Saskatchewan Law Review 75 – 104.

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